An internationally recognized exhibition that showcases the latest technologies

NETCOM, the international telecommunications event


NETCOM was first created 15 years ago to fill a gap in the Brazilian telecommunications market, which lacked an event focusing on its infrastructure.

It has been held every two years since then, and it has become one of the leading events for the country’s telecommunications network industry. It has opened doors for international companies to show their products and solutions in the country, and has contributed significantly to promoting international partnerships, as is the case with several other Brazilian industries.

As technology has advanced with increasing speed in recent years and as globalization has progressively changed the economy, we have decided to host NETCOM annually in order to better serve the market’s need for more information, more networking opportunities, and especially more suppliers.

In 2021, NETCOM’s 10th edition will bring many new format and content features, with the consistent aim of contributing to this market’s technical, legal and economic development, as well as fostering great business opportunities for its exhibitors.

Technology in the exponential era

As technology develops faster and faster, we are living in an exponential era, where advancements lead us to expect radical changes in our daily life as well as in business.

As a result of the thrust of technological developments, substantial investments in infrastructure are required. However, the new scenarios are also marked by smaller and less well-funded teams offering solutions which are often as powerful as those offered by big corporations.

An even more comprehensive conference

Brazil’s only event dedicated to telecom, network and ISP infrastructure. Simultaneous sessions grouped by industry sector will feature lectures and debates on the topics that drive the digital transformation in the country.

NETCOM unites infrastructure experts who are keen to take part in the exponential technological evolution. Come and showcase your innovations to an extremely competitive audience eager for new ideas.

Conference sectors

As companies move into digital transformation, the network infrastructure gains ever more importance in supporting new high-capacity applications, whether wired or wireless.

In 2021, everyone’s expectations are on 5G technology. It promises to bring about reduced latency, increased potential for the Internet of Things, and transmission of large amounts of data at much higher speeds.

As companies invest more and more in digital business models, cybersecurity solutions are set to advance into adding new features as well as tackling the latest vulnerabilities and threats.

New data indicate a steady growth in fiber-to-the-home applications in Brazil, with more than 7.2 million new connections and speeds upwards of 34 Mbit/s.

The broadband market keeps its momentum. New challenges for data link and internet providers include the need to add services to their high-capacity networks and to adapt to novel management methods for possible consolidations with the entry of new investors into the Brazilian market.

Brazil has 45 data centers offering co-location services, according to the Data Center Map. This market should be worth US$ 62 billion by 2022. Together with cloud computing, there is steady growth ahead.

The Brazilian National Development Bank sees a potential IoT market worth between R$ 50 and R$ 200 billion, with opportunities for hardware, software and infrastructure solutions in communications to support device and sensor automation.